How to get value of corresponding row in dt

I have dt that has two columns .

Insta-dm Private
Insta Public
Facebook-Wallpost Public
Column A i will get it in variable (lets call variable as Str_SocialMedia).I need to take corresponding value of column B based on Str_SocialMedia.

Kindly help

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Hi @tharani.natarajan

Read the data in dt and then use look up datatble

β€œABC” - this is where you need to give your variable

Source column index is 0 - it selects first column
target column index is 1 - it selects the second column
dt - where you have your data

output β†’ cell Value β†’ create a variable and assign here for the value output


Hi @tharani.natarajan you could use dictionary to store this as key value pairs and get the value corresponding to the key

Hi @tharani.natarajan

Can you can try with lookup data Table activity

Check out the XAML file

LookupDT.xaml (8.8 KB)

Check out the video link


Helllo @tharani.natarajan . You can use the Lookup data table and get the corresponding value.
Refer to this thread, you may get some idea

Hi @tharani.natarajan
Try this:

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Thanks for this

What if I had to check 2 columns .Can i add β€œAnd”

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