How to get value in last row in first column. Very important

Please help! It is very important.
I vave Dt. If in cell in last row in first column empty - I need filter me DT(delete last row)
If not empty -not change

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you need to get last row value in firstcolumn?

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Hi @RPA3

Hi Just count the Datatable and issue the command Deleterows activities and pass the count of the datatable for you to check the last row.

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@RPA3 in if Activity use DT(DT.Rows.Count-1)(0).toString.isNullOrWhitspace , If True Filter the DT, Else Leave it Empty , I guess this is What you needed :sweat_smile:

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hi @supermanPunch
( readedValue.Rows.IndexOf( readedValue.AsEnumerable.Where(Function® r(“ColumnName”).ToString.Trim <> “”).ToArray.Last ) + 2 ) this function retrieve the number of rows from your column, just check if the last row have any value or not.

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yes, it true

It is not work for me:(

@RPA3 Did you get any Error?


lastValueinRow.xaml (7.5 KB)
cheers @RPA3

@RPA3 it is DT(DT.Rows.Count-1)(0).toString :sweat_smile:

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wow, it is great :смеющийся:

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But DT(DT.Rows.Count-1)(0).ToString.isNullOrWhitspace

isNullOrWhitspace - not work

@RPA3 try this DT(DT.Rows.Count-1)(0).toString.isNullOrEmpty


@RPA3 Check this String.IsNullOrEmpty(DT(DT.Rows.Count-1)(0).toString) :sweat_smile:

same error

I use this to read the column i want with the Read Range Activity.


You wanted to print it in write line, but it gives you boolean value. So u need to put in write line with value:


Then u should get true/false

And when u get it u can just put if to the workflow with:


and in yes path just put remove data row with this dt in the value and rowindex= DT.Rows.Count-1