How to Get url from click


I am trying different methods to get data from Yahoo Finance. Let’s say for Apple stock, I typed name, clicked search, then clicked history button to see all stock prices for this month. Can my last click send the URL ? So I can connect my data scraping sequence?


Check this thread if anything answers your question


Hi @kyre,

There are multiple ways you can get to the page or to that URL and then continue the process , as i understand from your post you wanted the the data of all the stock prices for this month we can do this in multiple ways no need of getting the url back into the flow to give it to the data scraping.
Data scraping just attaches the browser ,we need to generate the flow to go to the specific url you want to extract the data and it should match with the attach browser content we gave in the data scraping ,to generate the flow here are methodologies

  1. you can go to open browser and give the link of yahoo finance and then manually add the typeinto and then once the data loads click on historical prices and then add a data scraping
    2)you can use the take screen shot instead of data scraping and then trigger an email to you using send email message.
  2. you can get the data using data scraping and then write it in CSV file and then trigger a mail

i hope this gives you a gist of how you can actually do the things to get the data


Not sure this is what I want but thank you!


This is exactly what I am trying to do. However when I open the browser I do couple selections first. Then I need that URL which from that moment I will use scraping data. So I am looking for something that combining inputs with data scraping sequence. The url will change based on the stock user is looking for.

I hope I am being clear.

Thanks for the answer!

Hey @kyre

If i am not getting wrong from post or title , you wants to Get Url from click so you can simply use the “Get Attribute” activity here to get url from that button or you can also get the current browser url from browser scope variable by using this activity.

for more assistance on this, you can go through with this post:

in case of any doubt, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:


I will def try this and let you know! Thank you

I am not able to get Current page URL in chrome browser.
What I Want: Wana Get URL Of Webpage Opened In New Tab

What I Tried:-
Open browser & visited on home page of amazon
Click on a button… which open a new tab

Then using “Get Attribute” I tried to get URL of new page.
And its return last page URL (home page url)

Then What I did next ?
Then I tried “Get Attribute” activity inside “Get Active Window”… and its throw below error
Attribute not supported by the current UiNode