How to get UI Path email id

Hi All,

We have installed a community version on a system and now the license is expired. We don’t know which ID was used while installation / registration.

Kindly let me know how to resolve or get the registered email ID ?

Thanks in advance

check if you have same ID which you’ve used in Uipath academy and Community!

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One option can be:
Please contact support and specify your Device ID.

They will help you further.

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@Pradeep_Shiv: We don’t know who has installed the UiPath in the system so we are not aware of the credentials provided in academy/community.

@nadim.warsi: They say they won’t provide help for the community version

" Community Version users: Community Edition is provided by UiPath free of charge and we don’t offer support for it on our ticketing platform. Any inquiries from personal email addresses won’t be answered. Please use the Community Forum and also check the Resources page, they cover all the theoretical and practical knowledge on UiPath."


Simply connect that UIPath studio with Cloud Orchestrator to acquire new license and no need to find email id used at time of activation for this.

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@lakshman Will try and let you know.

Thank you all for the valuable time and help


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