How to get trigger name from orchestrator and store in variable in code?

There will be 2 triggers for the process and I would like to identify which trigger has been triggered. There isn’t a database connected with the orchestrator.

Hi @vainika,

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So If understand - There are 2 schedules - one is say at 10:00 am and other at 11:00 am - and you want to know - Which is Fired ?

an approach of this would be - whenever the Schedule is Triggered - we Send an outlookEmail along with the Sytem Current Date and time or we log this Somewhere. - This way on the basis of Time stamp -we know which schedule triggered.

Also , we can have a configration file - where we name the scheules as per the Running Time - Let say if the Bot is triggered at 10 - we say it scheduleA -if at 11 we call it scheduleB.

  • we maintain a config with 2 column - Time and Schedule Name - Whwnever the Process Runs - Read the Config - Get the schedule name based on the triggred time and Send an email or log it…