How to get Transaction Items and store it in excel sheet?

i’m building a performer and im trying to get the Transacion item from the queue and store it in excel sheet
the transaction is like this :

the question is how to get all transactions and store it in excel sheet like :
First Name Last Name phone
Value Value Value
can anyone help me with this ?

Hi @Karam_Abulawii

-Build Data table
create all the column you needed

  • Use Get Transaction Item Activity
    and store in the variable “ItemTrans”
    Eg For firstName


  • loop through the transaction item
  • Add data row
    in the Array of row property
  • Write range in an excel sheet

Hope it helps



Hope these steps would help you resolve this

—build a datatable with BUILD DATATABLE activity with the column name you want and get the output as dt

—now use a loop like this

Where in get transaction item get the output named out_trnitem

And in decision making mention as
NOT Out_trnitem = Nothing

If true it will go to TRUE side where use a Add Datarow activity and mention this in ArrayRow property

{out_trnitem.SpecificContent(“FirstName”).ToString,out_trnitem.SpecificContent(“LastName”).ToString, ….likewise mention all the field name}

And in datatable mention as dt
This will add all the values from transaction to datatable dt

—then search as workbook in activity panel and under that search for WRITE RANGE activity and pass dt as input and mention the file path f the excel file and enable add headers property in the property panel

Pls try this and let know for any queries

Cheers @Karam_Abulawii