How to get total count for checkbox if it is checked and not checked

Hi @Aravinthan ,

Please use ui explorer to find out the attribute which represent the status of checkbox whether it is checked or not.

Most of the cases there is attribute called “checked” for check box that represents status

If checked = 1 means checkbox checked.
If checked = 0 means checkbox not checked.

We can get the above status with get attribute activity you have to place this activity in inside of open browser activity. We have to select the check box we want to get the status and the input value should be checked.

In our case we have to use one assign activity there we have to initialize one integer (counter) value to zero in the starting of process.

We have to keep 50 get attribute activities for all 50 checkboxes. After each get attribute activity place one if condition there put condition like checked status of first check box status in our case if firstcheckboxcheckedstatus = 1 then we have to increase counter = Counter+1

So at the end we will get counter with number it is total count of checkboxes whose are checked.

It is bit lengthy. This is my suggestion. Thanks . And also refer below for reference.

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