How to get to know the Agent Information from Client machine when he request to run a process?

Hi all Good Evening!

Problem :
How do we know the agent information when receive request from an Agent.

I have a robot as a service and published to my orchestrator.
i have Provisioned a client machine and make an Environment and attached the process to that environment and selected the client robot to run that process.

now i want to make my service bot as paid one
when client want’s to run my service in his/her machine then he should be a paid customer like the provisioned computer should be paid. then i need to allow him to run my service bot on the client machine.

hear when client requests my service how can i get the Agent information

once i got the information from the agent then i will check the agent data in my data base and check with the balance if he paid for the service then i need to allow him to run my service otherwise my bot should prompt him a dialogue saying that please make payment to use this service.

so all i need to know about how I’ll get to know the Agent information from Client side when he request the process to be run.

please help me on this.

Hi @saikumar_kuncha

I think you should contact our sales team to discuss different possibilities here. I am afraid some things are not currently supported.