How to get to folders

Hi i am trying to use hot keys to open a folder, can anyone tell us how to do it. i want to open a specific folder from a Directory. and check the security Permissions.

Help Appreciated


Can you explain a bit more I am not getting what you are trying to do…

You will open Folder or Directory? if you are doing it using explorer you can simply type into explorer url, or with run in windows WIN+R and than type “C:\users\whatever”

when you find your folder you can right click and properties…

If I understood good… :slight_smile:


let me explain, i got a shared folder from a person, i want to check the security permission like, is it read only write only like that, after that i want to check if any sub folders are present in that shared folder. Check the security permissions for those sub folders too. I hope you got it cleared


Yeah, than you can

Send hotkey

type into - Location of share folder

ex. if share folder is at:

you can go to


And than on that folder Click Right Click, and properties and you will see permissions for that folder

And you can go to Sharing Tab using click etc etc…

Is this ok for you?


On RUN it needs to be with under “” so


Thanks a lot


Thanks for your response, it worked well for one folder, but if there are more than one sub folder in that shared folder, and sub folders has folders in it, how to check the security for all of them?

Help Appreciated


You need to list all your folders and subfolders and do the same for each of them. You can do that using CMD:

Navigate to folder where you start and

dir /a /s /b > list.txt


dir /a /s /b > list.csv

and you will get output txt file with folders and subfolders so you can go row by row it also works if you do files.csv you will get csv file and you can create for each row do the same.