How to get timestamp of the last (specific) job or process (failed or successful)

Am trying to get the timestamp of the last job run of a specific process, but have no idea to how to get it, or is it possible to get it.
eg. job “a” runs on 10:30 and ends on 10:30 , so i want to get the timestamp when the job “a” ends which is 10:30.
am using the “Get jobs” activity but have no idea about it , like how to use it , or is there any other method to do it?

Hi @Ashish_Parjapati ,

Using the Get Jobs Activity, we do get the Details of the Start and End Time, Take a Look at the Debugging Done below :

Similarly, we could perform a Looping and Checking/Filtering or Querying the jobs result :


Do let us know after you have performed these checks.

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Thanks Sir!!

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And if you have different order of jobs like in my case just use ‘Last’ instead of ‘First’ in @Ashish_Parjapati solution :slight_smile:

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how can I use get job activity using API ? share me any workflow


I got this error , i know it’s a folder permission error for the Robot account, i got some tips on this link , but unable to found the Folder permissions as suggested in this solution.

can you help me more on this. where i can find this in orchestrator?

@Ashish_Parjapati ,

If you’re using a Different Folder than the one used earlier make sure your account is assigned to the Folder in the Orchestrator and also provide the required roles.
Check the below post :

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