How to get these requested columns Responded (Y/N), Responded on Date & Time, Toexcl, To All, In Copy by comparing two excel files

i have two excel files like inbox and sent so by comparing both i want to get the required fields like if Responded (Y/N) like yes or no, Responded on Date & Time, Toexcl means our id only, To All- inclusive of other ids , In Copy means our id in cc.
so to get that what to do? and i want to write to in inbox excel at highlighted columns
inbox.xlsx (9.2 KB)
sent.xlsx (9.9 KB)

HI @sathish_Kumar6

Hope this thread will helps you



Hope the following sample helps you. (17.4 KB)

Note: This sample writes only Responded(Y/N) and Responded on Date&Time to the sheet.