How to get the words of manually specified area in a WORD file?

I try to automate a flow which transformed the pdf to word file, and tried to get some information in the word file such as address and company name, how can I manually select the area that I want to copy to the variable string?

Hi, you can try using Document Understanding to select an area and then extract the data from it.

Document Understanding?
Is it a activity?

Here’s some info about Document Understanding:
You can install the required packages, use it to select a custom area and extract data from it, directly from the PDF.

You can easy copy the text to a string and just need to find the position:

but seems it copies all of the text?

Please help

Yes it copies all the text, you will have to find the right elements in it by keywords or line numbers. I’d convert it to an array of string and loop over it.