How to get the whole row when the PT is NTT and TT is 102

how to get the whole row only if the condition form 2 columns is fulfilled PT is NTT and TT is 102

Then I have to add the sum of positives and the sum of negative values in the column NPV and EC, this works fine

In the if condition, pass the condition as

row(“PC”).tostring.Equals(“NTT”) and row(“TT”).tostring.Equals(“102”)


Hey @kartik_sareen artik_sareen,

I can see 2 ways here:
First → for each row and you are checking each row. Next Row(1).tostring = “NTT” AND row(2).tostring = “102”. Based on that You will know if the column is okay.
(Of course you can use columns naming instead of index)

Second is to use Select (LINQ query), you can google it. It will return you dataRows.

What about Filter Datatable activity?


Thanks badi