How To Get The Value Of Site ID And View ID Required For Tableau Activities

How to get the value of 'Site ID' required for Tableau Activities?

To obtain the View ID, the value of Site ID is required. Find the steps below on how to obtain the Site ID value using Postman.

  1. Open Postman. Create a new HTTP Request.


  1. Create a POST request. The sign-in URL format is : http://my-server/api/3.11/auth/signin.

The my-server value is the base URL for your tableau server. For tableau online, the server address must contain the pod name such as 10az, 10ay, etc.

Request Body can be xml or json. The body for the request in following screenshot is in xml. The credentials used are Tableau credentials.

ContentUrl is the sub path of a site's full URL. In the server environment, it is referred to as the Site ID. When you sign in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online manually, the contentUrl is the the value that appears after /site/ in the Browser address bar.


  1. The response for the Post request is as follows


To retrieve the View IDS using the Site ID obtained above is as follows:

  1. Add a "Download View as PDF" activity (or similar) in your workflow.
  2. Click on "Find" button in the activity.
  3. Add the value of Site ID obtained above and click on "Find". The list of View IDs for the Site ID will be returned. Select your required View ID.

Screen print below for reference.

4 - Copy.png

Detailed information about steps done above in Postman can be found Signing In and Signing Out ( Authentication ).

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