How to get the value in such type of datatable

hi i am data scraping and i am getting the value’s in below mention example how to get the values from it . i need to get amount

Account # A00173538

Account Name IIT

Memo# 161C-00003655

Amount 9396.9

Status Complete

Hi @manojv02500,

You can try something like this:
out_value = out_dt.Rows(“Amount”)(1).ToString

Please check also:

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Hi @manojv02500,

you can get only amount value by using assign activity and expression as

AmountVar = Split(DataScrapResultVar,“Amount”)(1).split(" "c)(0)

Let me know, if it works…

@kantheshm @Marius_Puscasu getting this error variable type is int32

Convert it to string at the end!!


\ still same error


Dont use split. Just use ExtractDataTable.Rows(“Amount”)(1).tostring

still get the same error


What is the error it is showing?

And please do check type of variable, you are assigning!!

If possible, please share us the workflow…

in assign activiy ia am using str variavble i.e amt = ExtractDataTable.Rows(“Amount”)(1).tostring

You need to use:
amt = ExtractDataTable.Rows(1)(“Amount”).ToString

You will get the value from the second row and column Amount

I reread the initial post, if you meant that you have a datatable of two columns and 5 rows, then the correct assign is:
amt = ExtractDataTable.Rows(3)(1).ToString

Gets the value from the fourth row and second column.

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Hi @manojv02500 ,

One easy approch for you is…

  1. Use Output Data Table activity → convert tat extractDataTable to string.
  2. Once it is done, you can use the expression in assign as
    AmountVar = Split(StringDataTableVariable,“Amount”)(1).split(" "c)(0)

This AmountVar will be holding that Amount. Please try it and let me know, if it works…