How to get the value in column

May I know how to get the first value this example column in excel application scope. Thank you.


@Perri Is that value in the First Cell of the Excel File? You might have to show the Position of the Value in the Excel File. Using Read Cell we can read Each Cell Value by specifying the cell position Eg: A1 for the First Cell and hence get the Value

The value will not fixed to be specific cells :slight_smile: the first value may be at cell A5, A4 or A6 .

Sorry , the read range should be A6:A10. The value will be in any cells, not fixed. I need to get the first value in this column.

@Perri Can you explain a bit more in detail about what you want to do ? Do you just want to fetch the First Value present in the Excel or do you want to read the Whole Excel as a Table?

My script is read range : A6:A10 in excel spreadsheet and the value will change after that. I need to get the first entry in that column A and input in another excel at that point of time.

Thank you.

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