How to get the value if it is hidden by hover design

Bot works so along as CRD tab is opened if it is not expanded then bot does not work. Could you please suggest a work around?

Hi @Boopathi ,

Have you tried using the Hover Activity? A Hover followed by a Click Activity will probably do the trick.

It is challenging. Click activity expands the image and again immediately brought back to the original position. AAname is different for hide section and expanded section but still it clicks both the images > and v

Click activity immediate opens and again hides.

@Boopathi do you have to click the CRD Information text area or does it just open when you place your mouse over it?

It will open only when I click the small arrow button

@Boopathi Try changing the Click Type in the Properties in the Click Activity. Change it to CLICK_DOWN. Then try to click the place you want with a different Click Activity. If the click doesn’t work, try to change the Click Type of the second Click Activity to CLICK_UP.