How to get the value from the last occurrence from each loop

hi Team,

could you please help me solving issue, i am trying to get the value from the last occurrence of item in each loop.

for example, i have a json,

if the json object contains xyz, then from the last occurrence of xyz get the value from endtime.

could somebody please help here

Hello @rahul_gola

You just want to get only the last item??

Then instead of loop, you can use the index of the item to fetch it.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan , thank you for your response, but that last value is dynamic.

Hi @rahul_gola,

You can save your current json object in a temporary variable right before you end the for loop.

In the next run, you will have access to the current and previous json objects.

For loop 

1. Your logic with current json object

2. Save your current json into a temporary variable 
say (PreviousJObject) within the for loop scope. 

Next iteration continues.
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