How to Get the Value from check box if the check box is checked we need to get that value



Hai All,
Please help me on these followinf scenario!
I have one pdf file which contains free text fields and the check boxes i’m able to extract the specific fields on the PDF but i’m unable to get the check boxes data i just tried with get attribute activity but it’s not working for me please help me on these.



Well the PDF is free based text pdf the scenario is like this i have two check boxes one check box contain male and one more with female check box now i need to get the when ever i will get the male check box has checked i need to get the value Male if it s female i need to get female .
please suggest how to proceed with this.


Any update on this, have a same requirement! To get the value of the selected checkbox from a text PDF.
I believe Get Attribute cannot be used, tried using Anchor base as well, not able to get the data.