How to get the unique values with coressponding values of the excel

hi I have an excel file here my requirement is in column B (Client) Has duplicate values

so i want to take only one unique value from column B and process the invoice nos from Column A in the application

i want to ensure that once invoice nos which have same values corresponding to the column B should get break and process the next line in Column B

i need the out with all the invoice numbers of Column A and unique value of column B

out put should be
column A column B
My data.xlsx (8.3 KB)
123 EZ overs

hereby attaching the sample data in excel

You can achieve this by writing LINQ

  var uniqueInvoiceNumbers = dataTable.AsEnumerable()
            .Select(row => row.Field<string>("Invoice #"))

            foreach (var invoiceNumber in uniqueInvoiceNumbers)

@T_Y_Raju you can add this code in UiPath and it solve the issue.

Hi can you share sample output file like what you want to achieve?
to remove only duplicates you can use remove duplicate activity it will remove all the rows which has duplicate values.
as i can see invoice numbers are not duplicates so if you remove duplicates from clients it will also remove invoice numbers of that repeting clients.