How to get the UI Path Assistant on my local PC

Hello! I wanna know how can I get the UI Path Assistant installed locally, so I can run processes from there instead of using Orchestrator.

I manage to get it once, and now I´m trying to reply that and I´m really stucked, so any help you can give to me will be well received!

Hi @Ignacio_Joaquin_Castro ,

Install UiPath Studio/Robot on your local machine, once this is installed Perform the Robo Provisioning & then assistant will be available for use.

Thanks a lot! Just one more thing, how can I perform the Robo Provisioning?

Hi @Ignacio_Joaquin_Castro ,

Please follow the steps in below link, let me know if you need more details:

I think I will need more details, because I still can’t solve my problem… Here’s what I got:
-A machine defined on Orchestrator
-An attended robot and one unattended
-Two processes on a modern folder
And I can’t get the processes work. Not even in orchestrator, and my hope is that the Assistant let me do the job…

Basically, I’m stuck.

Try to include some screenshots and this community will try to help

Try This
Step 1) Type “Uipath Assistance” in Start Menu and Double click it, It will appear in System tray then connect to the Orchestractor.
If Step 1 failed go to Step 2 and Step 3.
Please refer the attached screen shots.

Uipath (590.7 KB)

Hi @Ignacio_Joaquin_Castro

Please refer to this starting guide for most straightforward experience :slight_smile:

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