How to get the title of each web page via the selector then write text to excel

I have an excel spreadsheet with 150+ URL’s. When selected, the pages open each with it’s Title that UiPath identifies in the Selector Editor attribute.


How to get the text displayed in the title (which changes with every URL selected) to write to excel next to the URL?

Im Using StudioX Community and would appreciate any help.


If you want to content of title attribute of selector, the following will help you.


Note: uie is output from OutputElement of UseApplication/Browser activity

Or we can get the title using GetAttribute activity, too.


Hi Yoichi, I have tried both of your solutions but I’m getting uie is not declared


Is uie defined as UiElement type in variable panel?


So if I add the variable in StudioX it does not store it and the variable panel is not visible. If I add it to Studio it works. Is there another way to get this to work on StudioX or to manually add the variable?


Oh sorry, In the latest StudioX, we can see it from DataManager panel. Can you check it?


Yip I can see the variable in the data manager panel


It seems strange…

The following is a simple sample to show title from selctor. Can yo try this? (50.4 KB)

If it works in your environment, please check if there is any difference.


That’s strange that piece is working, thank you so much Yoichi

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