How to get the status of one specific Job?

Hi everyone. When I use START JOB activity to start a specific job with a specific Process in one of the orchestrator folders, i would get a KEY from this activity. What can I do with this KEY? I think this KEY is the finger print of this specific job I just started.
How to get the status of this job? (Pending, Running, Stopped etc.)

You can try to use get jobs activity with filter on key and get the process details

"Key eq '"+keyvariable+"'"



Hi, I have tried your method. However I just got a error as above.
And I tried the example (state eq ‘Running’) stated in the Help of Get Job activity. It worked as below.
However in the data structure, there is no KEY property(refer to the third pic).

Please advise, thx.

Then you have to go with orchestrator hhtp request activity which can be used to get thw required details…for complete api guide please check this