How to get the seqeunce is correct or not

How to find the sequence is correct or not if the seqeunce is

Hi @piryankakamble

Can u explain it more

I couldn’t understand what u want to do

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I hwant to check if the digits are in sequence or not if the sequence is for example

I will give you another example
1-2 english
2-3 maths
4-5 hindi
Now i have check is the seqeunce is proper or not

So u are inputting string and check whether they are in sequence or not

@piryankakamble is It right

Yes right

2-1 MyAccountingLab Homework: Chapter 4
3-1 MyAccountingLab Homework: Chapter 5
4-1 MyAccountingLab Homework: Chapters 6-8

I want to check if this is in sequence or not