How to get the row item which is associated with other column


There will be two columns in an excel sheet

custno partno
C1234 C-101
C2345 C-102

So here im looping through partno column and entering the number in an application, but i want to save the folder with the number associated with partno which is custno.

How can i get this?


Use create folder activity and use as below



hey i just want to get the row item of custno which is associated with the row item of part no column


If you need to get custno from partno outside ForEachRow loop, it might be better to create dictionary in advance, as the following.

dict = dt.AsEnumerable.ToDictionary(Function(r) r("partno").ToString,Function(r) r("custno").ToString)






Since this data is present in a DataTable.
I guess you would have used a For each Row in DataTable and are looping through different rows one at a time.
currentRow(“partno”).toString would return you partno which you are using in a Web Application.
While creating the folder you can use currentRow(“Custno”).toString in the same loop.


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Im using reframework, where im getting each transaction item from column “partno”.
im entering this transactionitem into an application, but i want to use the value of cust no associated with partno value for further things.


Then similarly you would get cust no also for the rwlated part no only…please use that


how to get that?

HI @geetanjali.nerlekar

So are you using REFramework with DataRow as transaction item?

if yes, in_TransactionItem(“Custno”).toString should work.

If you are using QueueItem, you might have to add CustNo data also to the queue wherever your are using Add Queue Item.
After it is added to queueitem and is retrieved in RE_Framework, you can use this expression : in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“CustNo”).toString



If the data is unique and you require the entire data row, you can use DataTable.Select() or FilterDataTable and get the first item in both the approach. This will return the data row you are looking for. It is better to use the first approach, as the second approach involves another datatable to store the output from FilterDataTable.

Approach 1: Filter using DataTable.Select() expression.

The above expression will return the datarow that matches input partno.

is it possible to get values from two columns using in_TransactionItem?

Yes definitely, you can get that. I see that in PLMID you are getting the CustNo I guess.

You can use this PLMID wherever you want in this sequence.

But if you see the second assign activity, PartNO, im getting empty value

Can you try to debug it and check in the immediate section whether you have some data in PartNo column of your current transaction item?

Share the screenshot for that if possible.

Hi @geetanjali.nerlekar

Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate every row in datatable. Take the two assign activities to store the values.
In 1st assign activity → Variablename1 = Currentrow(“custno”).toString
In 2nd assign activity → Variablename2 = Currentrow(“partno”).toString

You can use the first variable to enter in the web application and
You can use the second variable to save the filename.

Hope it helps!!


Can you show what is your transaction item containing or what data you assigned to it?


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