How to get the row index of a data table being in use


I’m using ReFramework for the below scenario:

Storing the inout excel data in a data table in “Get Transaction” stage.
Following certain steps in “Process” stage, if it fails I want to add the Remarks to the datatable and paste it back in Excel after each row.

Right now, I’m storing remarks in a datatable and pasting in excel at the end but I want to add remarks to excel after each row.

Please let me know how to get the row index of the current row of the data table in process.

I’m not able to get index since I’m not using For each Loop, is there any other way I can do this?

Please assist.

You can try using an integer variable intRowIndex and then increment it in each iteration of your loop.
So on first row, intRowIndex = 0 then on next loop it is intRowIndex = intRowIndex + 1


in the image below are the properties of for each row, assign a variable in index and that variable can give you current row index

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