How To Get The partitionGlobalID In API Query In Automation Cloud

How to get the partitionGlobalId in API Query in Automation Cloud?

To use API to realize user and group management in Automation Cloud, parameter partitionGlobalId is not found in the request body.

The definition of partitionGlobalId is 'The ID of the organization you want to retrieve the robot accounts for.' And on getting it through admin--tenants--orchestrator--API access--Organization ID, this one failed when trying to send API request, error message '{"errors":{"partitionGlobalId":["The value 'DatacomGroup' is not valid."]} '.

Actually, on trying to login to, before the url jumped to, it will display the following url for few seconds .The organisationID used in the url is the partitionGlobalID.

Another option to get the Partition ID, because the URL might load too fast to catch it,

  1. Open the developer tool on the browser before logging in, switch to Network tab and turn on the recording
  2. Log in the browser and select the tenant.
  3. After the page is loaded on the welcome screen, check the developer tool and copy the Request URL value.
  4. Paste on a notepad, extract the value and use it on the API call.


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