How to get the name of folder which selcted

I want to get the name of folder which is randomly chosen at run time, folder will be selected at run time.
here I am not aware of position, sequence and folder name.
just need to store the folder name which is selected at runtime.
anyone can you please let me know.

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How is this folder name chosen and which variable it is stored in ? if you are storing the folder / file in proper varibale types eg “System.Io.File” or “System.IO.Directory” you would be able to retrive the path file name etc from the variables methods …

Another was could be:
You can get the selector of the element while selecting the folder.
Here attribute “ctrl name” will give the folder name.

Please let me know in case of any query.

thanku Madhavi, I will try and let you know

Hey Madhavi,
case is :
in citrix environment , type into the name to reach that folder and save/fetch/get the name of that folder .

click trigger cant be used, as position is not fixed

Hello Krishna,
I have used type into activity , gave folder name “xyz”
Now I want to save the name of selected folder(whichever folder is selected)

are you in citrix environment ? Can you share your workflow , or similar example … i will have a look …

Hi Krishna,

I am working on citrix environment and cant share clients workflow.

But if I am typing the name of folder , has it reached to correct folder, to validate that I want to compare the selected folder ui elements with the input I provided.


Mansi Choubey

Hi @Mansi08

You can do something like this , it will fetch the path of the folder selected.

@sai.kiran :slight_smile: that’s not the scenario.
in citrix environment , scrape a folder name which is selected.

is the folder open in Windows Explorer ? if yes , then you can click on the path and use Text scraping to get the full path …

in citrix environment , desktop application, after right clicking no properties tab.

For that you can scrape the particular element …

if this is not what you are looking for , could you give me some more details on your exact senario ? with some screenshots maybe ?

@sai.kiran, I repeat I want to scrape the selected area in citrix

instead of get text you can use any scraping means to get that data , it should be straight forward from here on … what is the issue you are facing ?