How to get the middle text using string manipulation

Hi how to get the address text only using string manipulation, But it’s dynamic in some pdf it’s 2 lines and some 2-4 lines. But I need only the address. can anyone guide. Get text not working here so I am using string operation.

@balkishan Can you share some input string

As bro. I have captured the complete text which are there in the text.

@balkishan Can you share the example input string and expected output from the input string


You can use split function and split the string based on “-” or based on spaces and you can get the required text.

Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

Hi @pavanh003 @indra

This is my input string data in the attached image and I need only the address which is yellow color but in invoice is 2 lines and in some invoice it’s 3-4 lines. when we capture as a text It’s a paragrapgh. But get full text/get text is not working here. Final output I need only the Address it’s different in all the file it’s just a sample.

Hey @balkishan,
You can try sing CV activities to extract the region based on some reference and from there you will get the text and then do string manipulations, if you are not comfortable with Regular expressions.

Let us know if you can go with this approach
Pavan H

@pavanh003 Hi pavan can you tell me the package name plz.

@balkishan try below workflow it might be useful.

test—.xaml (11.1 KB)

Change the path of the file in workflow.

@pavanh003 Hi Pavan, I got the CV activities but confusing to use it, I have ever used these Activity.