How to get the machine name on which the Bot is running in UiPath?


I want to get the machine name on which my code is currently running in UiPath.



Hi @sivapriya.s,
Navigate here from your system,
Control Panel\System and Security\System

Computer name is your Machine name.

@sivapriya.s If you want to Access your Machine Name value using UiPath you can use: Environment.MachineName



Open the command prompt and write hostname then press enter. You will get your machine name.


Thank you

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How would you do this for logging purposes? Say I am getting a machine or user specific credential and I want to log the machine/user before the get credential activity so I can see which credential wit will attempt to read, rather than only being able to log a username after the get.

Use the Log Message activity and use Environment.MachineName and Environment.UserName in it.

Thanks, I knew it’s be something simple like that!

TO connect machine we can use machine.environment to retrieve the name of the machine or u can use command prompt and type hostname or Go to control panel under system and security u can get the machine name