How to get the last modified stamp file after i get the data file that contains distinct

Hi guys,

Basically i want to get the filename and the last modified time after i get the data that contains distinct.
After this i get the data table and write into the excel.
The problem is after i get the data table and write into excel, how i can get the information the data that i wrote into the excel is come from.
I like a result like this

The Aju no is the data that i get from select distinct at previous screenshot after that i got from where the distinct data comes from (filename and last modified).

Is it possible to automaton this? Thanks



As per my understanding you will get data in data table and writing back it into excel, and you want the name of that excel Am I correct here?

To fetch the last modified time of particular file you can use .

Hi @lokesh

Basically i want the filename and last time updated from file that extracted from db access. I’m wondering if it can be done (The robot recognize from where the extracted file is). Is it possible to do that or there is another way? Im really confused with this.