How to get the last highlighted digits using regex

How can I get the last higilited digits only

Plz help 0683882003 00:02:36 0.0000

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This could help you buddy @balkishan


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did that work buddy @balkishan

No bro, If you see there a number and then duration and then last rate. 0.0000 is a rate. so number will be remaining same it will not changing, I need only the rate, rate format is same only the digits is changing. So we have to use number here and ignore it using ^. so that it will match for the same number. this number is repeating.

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Sorry buddy i didnt get you can you come again buddy @balkishan
thats what we are getting here buddy

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Bro 0683882003 this is the number, so this number is repeating several times in a sheet. I need only rate. If you see 0.0000 is a rate. I need to take rate as much times it’s repeating in the sheet.

As I am doing like this [?<=0683882993].

here I am ignoring this number, system will check if this number is exist so it will skip and checkthe next digit. I am not ablt to remove the duration to skip this duration like a number so that we can directly get the rate value. Hope you understand

@Palaniyappan Thanks bro resolved it by myself.

[?<=0683882003].\d{4} < Solution

This is what I need. It will give the last value whenever this number will be repeating in the sheet.