How to get the information from Activity Coverage

Hi! I am trying to configure a Test Automation project but I could not get the workflow’s activity coverage. I have a simple process and I configured my Test Case. I get the test result in the output panel. But when I DEBUG the Test case I can’t get the Activity Coverage information.
Maybe I missed something in the configuration, but according the I just need to debug the test case to get the workflow’s coverage.
Could you please help me with this. I’m using the Studio Pro 2020.8 version with the Community Licence

Are you running in Debug mode? If you run the RPA test cases in debug mode, the activity coverage will automatically displayed with activities.

Check out this thread

Hi @Rajeswari24, yes I’m running in Debug mode the TestCase and also tried with step by step but I don’t get the coverage. I don’t know if I need to configure and additional library. I installed the IUPath.Testing.Activities v1.0.0.0 and I’m using Studio Pro 2020.8.0-beta.278 with the Community License and don’t know if maybe I need a License to get that information or maybe I need to install an additional component

@denisse.torres.hdez Did you manage to find a solution for this? I have the same problem…

Even i am facing same issue. How to get Activity Coverage Widget feature.

As per this link UiPath Community 20.6 Preview Release , Is this feature only for Studio? and not for Studio Pro?

Two things here:

  • I would suggest an upgrade to the latest version of Studio and activity packages; as mentioned above, the Testing capabilities are part of the Studio Pro profile which is equal to the Community Edition (you just sometimes have to switch to the Studio Pro profile in Studio settings)

  • I gave it a try by doing this:

    • I opened a normal project
    • I right clicked one XAML in my project Panel as per our docs and chose Create Test Case
    • I then simply Clicked on the Debug button to run the debugging session on the test case XAML file; this is the result:
    • when I then go back to my Main.xaml file and click the green button to show the coverage, I get this:

      I hope it helps :slight_smile:
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Code Coverage is an RPA Testing feature and it is not available for Test Automation projects.

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Sorry @Michiel , I tried to update my IUPath Studio an did work. I think maybe this functionality is not available for Comunity Licence.

Hi everyone,

Activity Coverage is an RPA Testing functionality, available in RPA projects within StudioPro, also in Community Edition.
To see the coverage, you have to run 1 or several RPA Test Cases in debug mode.

If you are still facing an issue with it, pls let me know, so that we can address it maybe in a zoom session.

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