How to get the hyperlink from an email

Hello to everybody,

I have a problem extracting the hyperlink of an email. I have tried regex but it does not work.

I have the following email and I would like to get that hyperlink.


Thank you in advance

Try this thread

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When I try that sequence, the link that I get when I convert it to string is the following:


Thank you in advance,

In that case i would like to have a look at your workflow.

The output(matchResult) of the Matches activity will be IEnumerable[Match], which you can’t directly access.
You should use matchResult.Cast(of object).FirstOrDefault().ToString

Meanwhile this will through error if there is no matching record. i.e., no url in the email.
SO you need to check is there any url exists, using IsMatches activity. Output of which will be a boolean value. If this is true, proceed with Matches activity.

Hope this is helpful!


Yes! That´s works.

Thank you very much to everybody!


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