How to get the highlighted information using "Matches" Activity

Hi All,

I need to extract the information from this using Matches Activity. But I don’t know how to write the pattern.
Can anyone help me in this.
I am attaching the screenshot.

Thanks in Advance

@anmolk171 Can you elaborate more with specified input and what is the expected output you are looking for

Hi Indra,
I am looking to get “PASSED” as output from the above screenshot

@anmolk171 Can you attach whole string in a file and i guess you needs to get only highlighted information from that string right ?


Yes. Here is the whole file. (3.8 KB)

Try regex pattern:
This uses a positive lookbehind and positive lookahead, to find anything behind the > sign and before the closing tag. I don’t think it’s needed but if you want to be absolutely sure you’re looking inside the td tag, you can also try the following:
Also be sure to trim the matches, as I see there are some spaces at the end.

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