How to get the folder path from config and paste in body of the outlook email

Hi All, i am Struggling with these three points. please guide me.

when i am sending outlook mail in RE Framework- body of the mail should contain:

  1. I need to display the file path in outlook body mail- where file path is in config.
    ex: Input Folder Path- C:.…Input

2)I need to display the no of excel files and word files count in body
ex: Word Files Count: 10

  1. I need to display the old file name-New file name in body of the outlook email
    where old filename is- input file name(ex -file1)
    New file name is - output file name(file1ddMMyyyyhhmmssms)

Hi @pallavi121222,

You can use placeholders in the email body and then replace them dynamically using String.Format method.
Let text = “This is a sample text {0} and {1}”
then String.Format(text, “word1”, “word2”) gives
This is a sample text word1 and word2

Hope this helps.
Happy coding! :slight_smile:

Thank you Udhay!

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