How to Get the Excel value out of activity

Hello Good day.

I am trying to get the excel value out of read excel activity can anyone guide me to execute it. see below

i have read the excel at excel read activity, is there any way to get the row value to another activity
e.g : as shown i want to use excel value in SM35proccess,

You have to make use of arguments.

Just fetch the row item from the datatable and pass it to your other activity.
Below is the uipath tutorial which clearly explain the Excel and datatable operations!

If you want to pass it to other workflow use the arguments for the same!

Can you please send me small project of this, if possible


Basically i have already read the excel file in my project but i want to get that value in another activities , like you can see on Number 4 Excel Read activity in which i enter the data from excel, but i want to i use same excel file data in last activity Which is SM35, I don,t want to perform same activity like before, is there any other way to call them in another activity or scope

hope so you understand now ?

thank you for your support

You might be able to achieve it using dictionary


If you need to use the same value in both the sequences(Read range and SM35Process), the scope of the variable should be set to MasterMain.
You can set scope as specified below-

  1. Go to variables section in the bottom pane in your studio (Click on variables Tab)
  2. Select the variable that you want to change scope
  3. Click on associated scope drop down and select the highest level container (in the screenshot below, its Flowchart. in your case it should be MasterMain)

Hope this is helpful!

Hello Madhavi

Thanks for your help can you please send me xaml file to more understanding still i could not accomplish my task


Hey, I haven’t created a xaml. If you can send me yours, i can review for errors.

Madhavi thank you so much its done now,

its really pleasure for me . thanks a lot

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