How to get the empty column in a datacollection table

I created a data table by using a read range for A103:J105. Value A is on 103 row, 1234 on 104 and 567 on 105 rows.

I have datatable with rows and columns. I want to get the empty column and write a value int the empty cell.


I want to write D and values 7 and 9 in the rows 103,104,105. If I run the bot again I have to write Coulmn E and with values 10,11 respectively.

Help is appreciated Thank you.

For each row in mydatatable
—For each column in mydatatable.columns
------If row(column.columnName) is nothing

Hi Eyla
I got the error:

Error ERROR Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “FirstTableInDataTracking.Columns”.
Value of type ‘System.Data.DataColumnCollection’ cannot be converted to ‘System.Data.DataTable’. BladeReport/TestDeveoplment.xaml

@Balesh - remove the .Columns from FirstTableInDataTracking.Columns.
The value expected there in a for each loop, is a datatable.

Hi Sumitd, I want to loop the columns and check empty column in a data collection table. when I read range I got data table. to loop through the datatable I am getting an above error.

put here your workflow