How to get the datetime a transaction item was deleted?

Hi. Does anyone know how to get the datetime that a transaction item was deleted from a queue? I know that to get the last time a transaction item was processed, we can do TransactionItem.LastProcessingOn, but the value of this property for items that are deleted after being added to the queue is null.
If I hover over the time next to when the item was last edited, there is a datetime (see picture), it’s just not able to be accessed via LastProcessingOn as it is with Successful items.
get deleted time

have a check ( e.g. with swagger) if following endpoint from ORC REST Api will serve
and maybe

I appreciate the help, but I don’t really understand what you are suggesting.

I’m really just asking if there is a property (like .LastProcessingOn or .StartTransactionTime) that can be easily accessed directly from the item itself.

For example, when I want to know when an item was added to the queue, I just type “TransactionItem.StartTransactionTime.ToString” and I get the info I need.

There should be a property like that for the item if it is deleted.

Certain information we get from ORC REST API and not from Properties / Methods offered / returned from Activities

Therefore we are giving this hint

Also kindly note:




Hope it is a little not more clear

That is interesting. Can you please point me to where you are seeing that documentation on “StartProcessing,” “CreationTime,” and “Timestamp”?

was already done above, refer to the swagger part

Okay, thanks. I’m not sure where those screenshots are from though. I don’t see them on the API References page that you linked to.

we provided you the doculink:

here you can take the information on how open / access swagger

and you can start to explore and test the Rest Endpoints

Ok, thanks.

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