How to get the Date Value

Hello Friends.

i am trying to extracting data from one of our portal, I need the the starting date from there. i have successfully get the text but it comes with time as well like this, 1/1/2016 4:00 AM.

is it possible that i can just get the value of date i mean 1/1/2016 instead of with time from variable

Please help


have a looke here:


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PPR Can you please see below the error details. what is cultureinfor

is ensured that the system.globalzation Namespace is imported (See screenshot from above)
CultureInfo.CultureInvariant is a constant and we do not need to declare as a variable

can you please see below

thank you so much. finally resolved

PPR Can you please see i am using the same steps for end date but facing this error what is the root cause

a debug / setting Breakpoint is suggested to inspect the Value that is to ge parsed
maybe there is a day/Month switch or a not existing date like 31 Nov (November has only 30 days)

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