How to get the date(dd) of every monday

@Ragu9060 I am not able to use this funtion


Try using this instead of AllDatesInMonth

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@Ragu9060 I got it now, I was confused for a bit :sweat_smile:

@Ragu9060 But Still not able to Use Where condition with it :sweat_smile:

Actually DaysInMonth will return a int which is the count of days in the month. Try to convert the count into collection then it will work.

@MartianxSpace Can you share the workflow you created ?

@supermanPunch Here is the XAML file
Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

@supermanPunch Need to add few things so it can work irrespective of any day. I am working on it.

Hi @MartianxSpace I want to get the day(of monday) of the current week

e.g this week monday day is 10.

If I run the code in next week then it need to return as 17. Could you pls provide any suggestion on this?

@Martia nxSpace, @Ragu9060, @Boopathi
@Ula_Solution.xaml (10.7 KB)



Please find the below workflow where I have added a simple self explanatory workflow!!

Please mark this as SOlution if you found it usefull.!!

Thanks and Regards,

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@hacky Awesome :grinning:!

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hi @hacky @MartianxSpace Thank you. Actually I am checking if a file exists in the folder or not but the file name is saved as month/mondayday format - 0210.csv.

This week file is saved as 0210 and I need to check whether this week file exists if I found 0210 in the filename. If file not found, i need to throw exception as current week file not found. Could you please help me on this?


@Boopathi I would suggest

  1. Get the Filename and remove .csv using Regex or Split
  2. Compare date with the solution provided by @hacky

Let me create a process

Hi @MartianxSpace Thank you. I completed the step1. Getting file name using regex. Trying to check if the file name contains current week month mondayday

@Boopathi So your file name contains Monday’s Date only?

@Boopathi Check this Expression, I guess this will give you the Monday Date of the current week always:
now.AddDays(now.DayOfWeek * -1).AddDays(1).Day
and I guess you know how to get current month : now.Month :sweat_smile:

Hi @supermanPunch will it work even if i check on Friday also?

First week of the day is Sunday - just for your information.

@Boopathi Yes First Week of the Day is Sunday, hence I’m Adding 1 day , So I tried out the Expression with date as 01 Feb , it gave me the Output as 27 Jan as 27 is Monday , So if this is the Output you require , i guess this will work whichever Day you execute it

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use this

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