How to get the counts of Rejected word?

Hi All,

I need get the number of count of rejected under Action column.
I mean from the photo I need to how many times the Rejected word is present under the action column, in the attached photo rejected is present 2 times so the count should be 2 and so on.
Please do need ful.



get the children and check for work rejected


use for each ui element and indicate rejected only with strict selector and then use counter inside


@HeartCatcher - Just want to know. Did you try with Data Scraping

Yes I did try it


After data scrapping you will get all the data right then use filter datatable and give the condition like

Action Contains “Rejected”

and store the filtered datatable in another datatable called DT_out

and then you can get the count simply by Dt_out.Rows.count


Hi @HeartCatcher

  1. Use Data scrapping or Table extraction and get the Action column → Store it as DtInput

  2. Use Filter Data table activity

Input Dt -> DtInput
Output Dt -> DtOutput


  1. Use Message box / Log message