How to get the correct value from get text


When I scrape the value from the get text activity, sometimes correct value comes and sometimes incorrect value.
i am getting the linked data
This selector is person name.

This selector is job role.

This selector is company name.

Hi @BHARAT_NAGAR ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To be able to help you, we need you to show us again all your selectors through UiExplorer.
What we need to see to help you is this part:

Also, do you want to have all the experiences of someone’s LinkedIn Profile, or just the current experience ? (the current experience can be found on the title here:)


LinkedIn selectors are more dynamic

So you need to work on finding the dynamic selector like aaname / innertext kind of tags and pass wild cards (*) for making it work dynamically

Hope this may help you



I am not sure what your reasons for scraping linkedin is, but you should know that this is something Linkedin does not want people doing in its platform. UiPath forum should not therefore help queries which can promote such scrappers.

If this is your PoC or a personal project you should be fine for certain number of requests / profile scrapes, later your IP (not just your host pc IP but the entire LAN from your ISP) can be easily flagged by their servers and then blocked. In the worst case, if you have a static-ip that will be blacklisted forever!


If you wonder where to quickly find such documentation on any public website you can navigate to

For example, Linkedin is