How to get the cell formula in excel after sorting

I need to write some data in the cells in excel sheet based on some formulas. i am using write cell for that and i am able to see the formula in that cell after writing the data. And i need to sort the whole data based on one column after sorting i am not able to see that formula in that cell. After sorting the data also i need to see the formula in that cell.Could anyone please help me regarding this.

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Could any please help on this.


I’m assuming you have already put the formula in the column? If not, you can perform a ctrl+d after selecting the range. (ie TypeInto “[d(ctrl)]d[u(ctrl)]”)

So, after the formulas are in the column, are you using Read Range again so you bring in the new values, then sort the table, then Write Range it back? That is one way, however, I can’t remember if the Read Range will see the formula values or not.

An alternative method would be to use the Alt-key combinations to access the Filter and Sort menu items. You can do this by pressing Alt and looking at the characters that display on your menu, like TypeInto “[k(alt)]asa”




Thanks for the solution. I didnt understood clearly, I am attached sample excel sheet.
in that excel sheet i need to populate D column using (B column +C column) formula and i need to sort the excel uding D column. after sorting i need to see the formula (B column +C column) in D column along with data.

Could you please help me with that.

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Ananthaeswar.Book1.xlsx (7.8 KB)