How to get the amount matches with the input

@sruthesanju , Do you mean such a case could not occur where even the total sum of the Value column would be less than the Input value ?

We are trying to understand what would be the failing cases and what needs to be done for such cases ? Also, The Scenarios you have mentioned, all Output as the Input Value itself.

What is the End Output required ? Just a Comparison ?

Such case will not occur

Both data table and value will get as input there is no output




Type. Value
A. 76.29
B. 76.29
C 76.29

So the if i need to 159.87 so need to take 76.29 next data 76.29 and remaining amount 7.29 from third 76.29
So 76.29+76.29+7.29=158.87

Any solution for this

Any solutions please

@sruthesanju ,

Check the workflow below :
DT_TakeAndFill_RequiredAmount.xaml (12.0 KB)

Output :

The Data is believed to be in a necessary format as you have described for the logic to work properly. However, Do check with different inputs and let us know if any cases are not working as expected.

Ok let me check and update on the same

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