How to get text?

Hello everyone,

I have a text structure like this one:

Text1: value1
Text2: value2

Text1: value3
Text2: value4

Text1: value5
Text2: value6

Text1: valueN1
Text2: valueN2

Where I have the same structure “Text1” and “Text2”.

I would like to get the value located at the end of the structure (valueN1 and valueN2) assuming we do not know how many values there are (in this case there are 8 components).

How could I do this?

Thanks a lot.

You can use get full text activity or you can use find children activity and then in foreach loop you can get text for every val

Thanks a bunch.

Please, could you provide an example in xaml?

Thank you very very much.

Best regards.

You are trying to scrape from web or from any file?

From web my friend.
Thanks a lot.

Great then find children would definitely work

Thank you.

However, I do not know how I should use it. Please, could you be more specific?

I want to get just the last values.!

Thanks a lot !