How to get text while looping through listing of an e-commerce website

Dear members,

I’m trying to loop thorugh listings of a product on an e-commerce page. The bot also clicks on each page and tries to get available offers from each page. When I used the “Get text” property, the bot is capturing the same text for each page, which is the first page(Static). How can I make sure that the bot captures the text specific to each page so that the “Available offers” are relevant to each listin. I was unable to identify an attribute that is dynamic and unique in this instance. Please suggest. I’ve pasted the Ui Explorer screenshot below for your reference.

Thanks in advance.


For getting text using the GetText, you need to enable the InnerText tag and also put * on to that

Else use Data Scraping which can easily extracts the data

Hope this will help you


Thank you, Srinivas. I wanted to customize my data scraping before I try the wizard. I’ll try the solution you suggested and get back to this thread.