How to get text related to some object on website


I have a problem getting text from the property site. I want to do a robot that received data from specific rows, but the positions of these lines vary depending on how the seller enters them.

So, one time there will be e.g. construction year in row 7 and material which building was made in row 8. If seller didn’t enter construction year in another offer, row with information of material which building was made will be in row 7

Seller 1 entered data:

  • Constraction year
  • Building material
  • Number of rooms
  • Price

Data on site:

  • Constraction year in row 1
  • Building material in row 2
  • Number of rooms in row 3
  • Price in row 4

Seller 2 entered data:

  • Constraction year
  • Number of rooms
  • Price

Data on site:

  • Constraction year in row 1
  • Number of rooms in row 2
  • Price in row 3

Adres URL

Rows I am talking about:

How can I get text related to object? The titles of rows on every offer are the same (e.g. “Powierzchnia w m2”, “Powierzchnia działki w m2”, “Liczba pokoi” etc.)

I was trying to use get text and data scraping, but I can’t edit properly selectors :frowning:

PLEASE HELP! :slight_smile:

extract the datatable, then use a for each row with your custom condition.

Robot looks like this:
Testing (853.9 KB)

And i can’t do properly selectors in data scraping.
My idea was to scrape data from selected area in the photo and than get data which I want.
Any ideas?

yeah, i recommend doing the same thing. use data scraping on that table then get the data you want using a for each row. i’ve also tried using anchor base but it produced strange results.

I think that my problem wasn’t properly understood.
My biggest problem is that I can’t get data from each site. I’m trying to use data scraping (selector looks like: ) and when I’m trying to edit selector by clicking “Open in UI Explorer” and selecting area from where Robot should scrape data it look like these.

test.xaml (10.2 KB)

please, see the following workflow. i’ve tested it on multiple pages and it works.

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Thank You very much! Your method works :smiley: It turned out that this website has very bad code with a lot of bugs. So in some cases UiPath had problem and I couldn’t understand why :slight_smile:

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