How to get text from webpage and store it in a variable?

I have used get text activity to capture the text from the webpage and stored it in a variable. Each time the workflow executes the text in the webpage changes so there is an error cant find the Ui Element.

This is the webpage and i have to capture the text i.e., the journal number 00646 and store it in a variable.
So each time a new journal is created i should be able to capture that journal number and store in a variable.
Please help me out.


Hi @Paavani_Subramanya

You can try with screen Scrapping and use region to indicate element.

And also you can use wildcards(*,?) in selectors to make it works dynamically

You either give * instead of the value in aaname or text or innertext or outer text

nor you can simply remove aaname ,text , innertext



Is it the case to always extract the first row of the screen?

Then instead of depending on the Voucher static values, you have to trim your selector like taking tags as Row and Column

Open the selector in UiExplorer and check if you have those tags

Hope this will help you


Hi Paavani,

Have you tried to used anchors around the selector in order to make it more reliable when changes.

Also, an additional suggestion will be use UI Explorer to find additional attributes to that element that can make it dynamic and reliable enough.

Thanks for the suggestion @Sudharsan_Ka tried with screen scrapping but not working.

Thanks for the suggestion @Srini84 @svillalobos . I have just started learning RPA can you please help me out what exact changes i have to make i will share you the image of get text edit attributes

Open Ui Explorer and send screen shot


Okay, for making the dynamic selector, Please check the link given by @postwick

From the image of the UiExplorer, enable aaname and remove the text associated it and place * and save it

Hope this will work