How to get TaskID created in Action Center

Can anyone please tell me how can I get the newly created Task ID from the studio?

After this activity a new task is generated in the ActionCenter with new ID . And I need that taskID from the studio so that I can send the taskId containaning link in the e-mail.


it can be retrieved from Action Output - duActionObject


yes I logged the Action Outpt - duActionObject and getting this

from this how the taskid is taken

we would recommend to work always with the debugging panels when doing RnD / Prototypings

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To be more specific, give a try at:


I tried this , it’s giving below error

let us know your referenced DocumentUnderstanding related packages and its versions

here it is



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As preview to your second question:

enable: isBodyHTML, or similar (depending on your send mail activity)

Place in the body HTML and use for the link
<a href="+YourLinkVar +">Click here</a>



Thanks for the help.

one more way is directly using the varibale name like this:

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